For companies that are temporarily short of management or knowledge

R&E Interim Management offers management solutions focussing on change processes in the telecom industry. These solutions are based on a strong educational background with long-lasting experience. Many parties in a wide range of industries regularly consult R&E Interim Management in case of discontinuity in people or knowledge. Important elements are organisational effectiveness, customer satisfaction and process performance. Key words in the way we operate are: taking responsibility, co-operation, inspiration and the aim to deliver results.

Our Managers

The managers of R&E Intirim management combine a background of business administration, finance and people management with wide (international experience in production, logestics and sales & marketing in the telecom and ICT branche. As a result of this R&E Interim Management can help to identify and create solutions in aereas like corporate strategy, business planning and organaizational development.

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